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Masseur for La Tantra


My name is Branko and I am the founder of Herinnerjezelf ("Remember Yourself") meditation and massage practices based in the heart of the Netherlands (see link for more info).  I also work together as a masseur for La Tantra.

My passion is to help people remember their true essence by reconnecting with their bodies. In this chaotic world, we often live from our minds and our to-do lists and push our bodies to follow us, rather than tune in to what we really need to thrive. Meditation and massage are two wonderful methods to help my clients feel more vivid, heal themselves of unhealthy patterns, and reconnect to their core. 


For La Tantra, I offer tantric massage for men, women, and couples as well as a special two hour introduction to Tantra for Couples.  My practice is based on my eight year tantric practice and massage training (please see link for more background information). 

Through my practice, I create a safe space for people to reconnect to their bodie and explore their inner awareness, reconnect to their longing for real intimacy. Compassion, trust and bliss are key words.  

Bookings are managed by La Tantra

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