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the assemblage point

A person has a body and an energy field. These two are linked to each other at the Assemblage Point). This is the point where the energy passes through the body.

A assemblage point treatment puts this energy point back on the ideal place on the body.
Experience shows that complaints can disappear immediately after a collection point treatment. An Assemblage Point treatment brings a person mentally and physically into balance, as a result of which organs immediately start functioning better. After an Assemblage Point treatment it often happens that spontaneous positive changes occurs in chronic, physical and mental states. Because a central location for the Collection Point is the best basis for everyone.
An Assemblage Point treatment is not only good if there are physical complaints, but also if there is a change comming that will not break through. After a treatment your physical and energetic balance will be restored.

a Treatment

An Assemblage Point treatment takes half an hour of your time. Two weeks later you come back for a check, again half an hour.

For a complete treatment I ask 50 Euro


Hermen Grondijs, my teacher, has written and published a book about the Assemblage Point, in Dutch.

This is the link to order it online


I think it's a nice book with a lot of information about the Assemblage Point. It is informative for the newcomer and refreshing for the old acquaintance.

I enjoyed reading it.

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