The great thing about meditation is that you don't need anyone for it. It is about you, your attention and how you deal with this. With meditation you discover your mindset.


In the beginning you learn to focus your attention inside. We are not used to that from our Western upbringing. It is normal that you constantly focus your attention on the outside world. We do not learn to look at ourselves, we do not learn to look inside.

I think this is a loss and that's why I like to show you 'the way inside', as we call it. During guided meditation sessions I focus on how you become familiar with your inside again, so that you can approach the outside world from your authentic self.


I notice that there are two groups that want to meditate. Those who want to know where to focus in the moment and what is meant by knowing your inside. And for those who knows inner peace and want to share it in silence. For these two groups I offer a basic meditation training and an in-depth meditation training.


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