Re-Member-Your-Self Massage


Massages are a great way to get back into alignment with your body and yourself.
There are many massage forms. I have found my passion in energetic massages. Tantric, Kashmirian, Arya, they all lead inwardly focused on how you recognize your body through your energy. I give these massages with all my presence to send energy through your body. Where in the regular muscle massage the attention goes to muscles that are outside the masseur, I want to direct our collective energy from the coordination of the breath, so that your body can flow again. You will feel freer and recognize patterns and 'energetic blockages', after which you can make more targeted choices that suit you at the moment.
I work with the chakra system, where I lead your energy to your heart chakra, where it transforms into love. For some, an intuitive inner recognition of the divine unity force may occur. Then nothing is like before.

Now that I see everyone, just like me, going through the same layers, I have developed a method in which I lead you through this inner journey within yourself through massage.


With this massage you lie either on a table or on a comfortable mattress.

The massage session lasts an hour and a half.

Tantric Massages

The main characteristic of tantric massages is that your attention is drawn to your entire body, so that you immediately come into a state of self-memory. The special thing about tantra massages compared to other forms of massage is that the environment of the sexual organs, the yoni for the woman and the lingam for the man, is consciously involved. Only then is the human being accepted in his wholeness and only then does sexual healing become possible on a physical level.

This does not mean that the massage becomes sexual. But when blockages disappear, it is described as very sensual. During a tantric massage, people can find an oasis of peace, relief and sensual surrender.


With this massage you lie on a comfortable mattress.

This massage session lasts an hour and a half.


Tandava or Kashmirische Massage

The Kashmir massage is a dance of touch, guided by breathing. It's the Yoga of Touch, just like you dance in the Tandava, but the massage is on a mattress. We fully address the sensory sensitivity of the human body, right through the 5 senses to contact yourself. With full attention, in relaxation, without judging.
It is the softly nurturing touch in combination with the deepening of breathing that makes this massage a meditative experience. A massage that invites subtle enjoyment, deep relaxation and surrender, when there is room for everything that wants to move in you. Loving touch brings the attention back into your body and helps you out of your stream of thoughts.
This massage makes you more sensitive. Relaxation opens the free flow of your vital energy and therefore often also your sexual energy. The invitation is to experience this energy in the flow of the massage, to embrace it and to recognize it as your own life energy. In this stream lies your sense of life and love for life itself.
In this massage you are invited to make a claim to your own deepest inner self again. The whole body is touched.

With this massage you lie on a comfortable mattress.
This massage session lasts an hour and a half.


I notice in practice that a meditation before and after the massages is very pleasant for both. That is why I often suggest this when making the appointment, because it will take half an hour longer.