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But now I only provide daily and weekly meditation sessions online. In addition, I give in to increasing the health of everyone together in our society at the moment.
The change that comes along today is that we as humanity are allowed to adopt a new standard to survive. And according to this, we may also learn to incorporate the way in into our reality. As a counterpart to the way out, everything around us that we have valued.
Meditation gives you something and you just need to relax. This is more difficult at first than you think. But then it turns out that today's environment asks you to turn inside.
Take time for yourself today to recognize both your outer world and your inner world. Only then will you recognize yourself. Slowly but surely you become calmer in your body and perhaps also in your environment. If you can observe your outside world in silence within your inner world, without going into it, you practice meditation.
Slowly but surely you will start to remember yourself in your daily life. By setting intentions, of health and life from your heart, you will see yourself in your daily life. You will recognize your patterns when you are silent. Just as you encounter yourself now, during these quarantine days. And that's completely okay. Observe it, stay relaxed and turn your attention inside.
If you are looking for guidance on this, then join the meditation sessions that I provide via Zoom.
For starters, there are sessions that help you focus inwards. If you are used to looking outside, at the things we have and people we are, you can learn to walk the way in these sessions. I call this mindful meditation, because here we mainly learn to divert the thought flow.
If you have been meditating for some time and you have brought your inner universe to life, you can immerse yourself in the silence. You experience yourself as body, your thoughts, your heart, your senses, your chakras and all at the same time. In these sessions you will learn to witness what is going on in this moment.
In addition, I give yourself remember sessions. Outside of meditation, we talk about life together. During the meditation sessions we are all silent and you deepen as you see fit. Only a soft bell reminds you at the end of the exercise, which we did together.
Do you want to join? Please fill in the form below and I will send you a link.

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Since I found my passion, peace has come over me and I work with the following tools: meditation, massage, Meeting point treatment and coaching, which I use to remember myself in contact with others.